July 2012 – Freight Stock Updates

Here are some pictures of new additions to the freight stock on Farkham which made their first outings at the Middlesborough Show in May 2012.

The first wagon is a model of a Blackadder POA scrap wagon, depicting the 1989 built 46 tonne variant of the 1987 built 51 tonne wagon which 51L models produce as a kit which is coincidentally seen partly on the left of the picture.

The wagon is scratchbuilt from plastic sheet and strip and utilises whitemetal axleboxes, brass ladderstrip and brass brake levers. Painting, lining and the obligitory heavy weathering complete the wagon and it now sits comfortably within the scrap train on the layout.

Blackadder POA

 Continuing with the scrap theme, we have also completed the building of another variant of the POA. This model depicts one of the first batch of 20 POA wagons numbered (RLS 5901-5920). They were built in 1982 and whilst they were more robust that the prototype wagon (RLS5900), the later versions of the POA were strengthend still further to provide increased resistance to damage. The wagon is made of with a brass body to keep the sides thin and provide strength. This is overlaid with thin plastic profiled sides. The heavy weathering on the wagon is very prototypical and looks great. The wagons either side of the POA on the photo are a scratchbuilt PXA and a bachmann POA.


The third and final wagon to debut at Middlesborough Show was a modified PCA cement wagon. 15 of these wagons were built by Procor in 1984. They were used on dedicated service routes up until 1993 when the were stored before being reintorduced by EWS in 1999. The model is a conversion of the standard PCA model produced by Hornby. It was stripped of  surface detail, the ends were cut off and reset vertically and then the central depression was filled with Isopon car body filler which was subsequently sanded and smoothed to meet the required profile. Painting and transfers completed the model and the wagon adds a bit more variety to one of the speedlink trains.


With the approach of the Railex NE show towards the end of  August 2012, we are working on a few new models which we hope to have finished ready for action in Blyth. Details to follow in future posts.