Can you smell fish? – No its Deep-Heat!!!

On the 6th & 7th October 2012, we exhibited Farkham at our own clubs local show in Mickleover Community Centre, adjacent to our club rooms. The show was very well attended this year due to increased local publicity and proved to be a great success. It also gave our club members the oportunity to see Farkham in action. For us, the show was quite a novelty as it was not the usual mix of hangovers, lack of sleep and intensive running of trains, although we did manage a curry on friday night and the usual saturday morning after effects  followed – “Is someone wearing Deep-Heat?”.

Due to the close proximity of the Blyth show that we attended in August, a photo shoot for the layout by Rail Express (for a future article – yet to be written!) in early september and recent hectic work commitments, only a couple of new items of rolling stock managed to make their debuts at this show :

 Above is a Cambrian Sturgeon Kit with loaded track panels, painted in the early engineers livery. The Second wagon to feature is another Cambrian kit – a Salmon, again fitted with track panels but in the later yellow striped livery. Hopefully this weight of the trackwork will prevent the wagon bowing!!

With the Huddersfield Exhibition only a couple of weeks away and the Hull show in Early November, we are frantically working on several new items of stock which we hope will be available for these shows, our only problem now is fitting them into the fiddle yards!!. We will post some photos when they are finished.