And then there were 2

“How hard can it be, we’ll be fine” I said. 

On the   10th & 11th November, we took the layout to the Hull show, unfortunately one of the tem had to work that weekend and therefore this meant that despite trying to find a replacement from within our wider group, just tow of us took the layout to the show. With some assistance with loading and unloading the van at the club and a bit of help at the show, it is definitely something that we do not wish to repeat. To say it was knackering was an understatement – What i hear you cry “just playing trains knackering – get a real job”, well yes  all that is true but it was!. Operating two main lines, shunting in a goods yard and changing trains round in the fiddle yards all on ones own (over lunch – 10m mins fr some people and an hour for others (after they have changed into their dining clothes that is!!!) is not an easy task. One question from a visitor and its carnage (should that be trainage?).

Having said all of that, the show went well and seemed busy for most of the day. We were lucky enough to win a trophy for the best modern image item/layout which was great.

New on the layout this month was a new loco 37351 in old railfreight red stripe. This loco is due to pull a rake of PTA ore wagons when they are complete.

Hopefully they will be ready for our next show which is the BRM event in Doncaster in February 2013.

If we get our collective fingers out, we are hoping that there will be a few more items to add to the stock for then as well, it just depends upon how much booze we have.

Last of the Summer Swine

This blog entry revolves around our visit on the weekend of 27/28th October to the Holmfirth model railway show. For those that didn’t realise the old TV programme ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ was filmed in this small but pretty town. So having packed the layout into the van on friday afternoon, the three of us travelled north into Yorkshire. Whilst the conversation in the van covered the usual topics – Hairstyles (hardly), trains and Ford Mondeos ….yawn, yawn, there was absolutely no need to decide upon who would be Compo, Clegg or Foggy.

(I will leave it up to the reader to decide!).

So that explains half of the tile of this blog, but why Swine – Two reasons spring to mind as I write this note.

Firstly, someone (Foggy) is the latest recipient of the Farkham “Ham-Fisted buffoon Award”. This award has been presented for supreme clumsiness where the winner managed to rip a hole in the side of a brand new, just finished scratch built curtain sided wagon.


Fortunately, the damage was not too extensive and was repairable, the only thing left in tatters is someones reputation. 

So on to the second reason, As we were staying over at the show in Holmfirth, we were put up in a B&B only 100 yards from the venue. It was, clean, friendly and cosy, especially for 3 of us in a family room, fortunately there were enough beds to go round!!. After a few beers and a curry on friday night, we returned to the digs and turned in for the night. After a few minutes, Alex and Paul realised that they must have left Dave behind somewhere and mistakenly returned with a snorting and wheezing prize pig as the snoring noises could not have possibly been generated by a human being.Even after breaking out the sets of emergency earplugs for just such an occassion, it still felt like sleeping in a cave with a slumbering Grizzly Bear. When morning came, the noise disappeared and Dave had returned, saying he had a great nights sleep and was ready for a day of playing trains – lucky for some. 


The show itself was relatively small but had some decent layouts and a very friendly atmosphere from the members and visitors and we all had a great time. We had been working hard in the time between our last show and this one to get some new stock completed. Whilst we didn’t get everything done that we wanted to, here are some pictures of our latest new additions that appeared on the layout at this exhibition.

This Wagon is a conversion of the Lima model. the roof has been replaced with flatter pitched profile, the chassis has been modified with new etched lattices and the bogies replaced with correct profile white metal bogies. The sides were wiped clean of detail and new doors and locking bars fitted. Painting, Decals and weathering complete the model.

Running within our Speedlink coal trip working is a model fo the Russell Containerised Coal wagon. There are several variants of the wagon to model and this model reflects the ribbed sided variant. The body sits on top of an open framed 20’9″ chassis which can be just seen in the photo. 



To complement our other variants of CO2 tanks running on the layout, a third model has been added to the fleet. This is a scratch built wagon and is one that we have been hoping to do for a long time. Clearly the biggest challenge in making this model was the ribs around the end. The final result looks great and is complemented by the heavy weathering to the body underside.


The next two photos show two of the three new curtain sided Powell Duffryn steel wagons. The wagons were scratch built and sit on white metal Appleby bogies. Artwork and transfers to the sides show the two liveries that were carried in the period modelled.

The second photo of the Powell Duffryn wagons shows the other livery and end configuration. This wagon, compared to the wagon above has the tarpaulin wrapped around the ends. All three wagons form part of one of our steel trains on the layout.


This wagon is a conversion of the Bachmann TEA wagon to create bogie LPG tanks.The model has been lengthened, the walkways have been removed and holes have been filled and sanded down. New manways at each end and the sliding hatches on the sides have been produced using special stainless steel etches. To complement the 4 tanks above, 4 of the four-wheeled LPG tanks were also made. Again using the Bachmann TTA model, a similar process was used. Once the white paint had been applied, a multitude of home-made transfers were added, along with the orange stripe around the centre. Subtle weathering completed the models.



So that completes our entry for this month. Our next outing is to Hull Show on the 9th & 10th November. Whether we get chance to complete any more stock before then, only time will tell.