Weekend at the Races!

No this is not a reference to the horse meet crisis sweeping Europe, on the weekend of 9th & 10th Feb 2013 we exhibited Farkham at the BRM Doncaster show. The show was very busy and All had a great time. Little Steve joined us on Friday night and threw a few shapes on the dance floor late on to impress the ladies.

Little Steve in action

Little Steve in Action

As mentioned in our previous post, we had been working hard on new stock for the Doncaster show and managed to get several new wagons and train formations completed in time for their debut. Below are some pictures of these wagons and a brief description of each type.

A Cargowaggon Holdall Van

This wagon is a scratchbuilt model of the 1987 built Hold-All ferry vans whcih ran throught the UK transporting all sorts of goods.





Flat Sided Polybulk

The new wagon on the right was inspired by a photo in the book “Freight Train Formations”. This is a scratchbuilt model of a slab sided Polybulk, heavily weathered with new logos showing through old liveries.



Structure Flex Wagon


Based upon the Cambrian BAA wagon, the Structure Flex wagon is a a curtain sided cover added to the top of the flat wagon. This model fits perfectly in one of our steel trains



Croxton and Garry Wagon

The Croxton and Garry TUA wagon was used to carry Chalk Sluury for making paper and is one of four wagons of this type to be built. It is a heavy conversion of a TTA wagon with new ends being the most obvious feature.





The PAB wagon is scratchbuilt model of a lime wagon which was used to transport Lime from quarries to steelworks. The heavy weathering adds another dimesion to the model.





New to Farkham was a rake of PTA Iron Ore tippler wagons. these are scratchbuilt wagons coupled together with kadee type buckeye couplings to represent the rotating buckeyes used as part of the unloading process, the distintive orange end indicating the rotating coupling position.   



 Good for the Roses!

norsk curtainThe following three pictures show the new wagon types for our Norsk Hydro Fertiliser train. Each wagon is scratchbuilt, the first (right) is the curtain sided variant which was normally seen mixed in with the more common solid sided wagons seen below.


norsk plainnorsk 

 Green Fingers


Also new to the layout was a model of the Agrevo Weedkilling Train whcih is top and tailed by the two class 20/9s picturesd above. 20903 is pictured to the right adorned with the fantastic Extreme Etchings (retooled) nameplate ‘Alison’.

Being hauled by these distintive locos are 3 number TTA water tank wagons and 4 heavily converted MK1s which have had windows infilled and new roller doors added. Completed in the distinctive Green livery with white stripe (thanks to Phil Eames for advice and an excellent BRM article) , they have been sublty weathered with a light spray around the business end of the train.

99907 99908


So this completes our update on the layout for now. As we now have a few months off before our next show at Taunton in October, the team has now started work on several new items of stock. It is becoming difficult to decide which trains to drop from the sequence to enable new ones to be added. Look out for the new stock on the layout in October or on the blog after the show.

Thanks for reading.