On Her Majesties Civil Service!

On the 9th & 10th November, we exhibited the layout at the Spalding exhibition. The show appeared to be very well attended and we received some nice comments from visitors and fellow exhibitors. We were lucky enough to be in the small room which, although decorated like a tarts parlour (or so I am told) was cooler and more spaced out, although the operators still have the sounds of American sound chips ringing in their ears.  

Having had the luxury of 4 operators at our recent visit to the Taunton show, unfortunately we were down to 2 operators for this show. Despite asking our usual reserves (albeit at late notice) by 5pm Thursday, we were planning to do the show as the dynamic duo! – excluding capes. We will let you decide who’s who!  Batman-and-Robin

Maybe it’s more like this!!.

batman 2

7.45pm – Thursday 7th November – the reason for the title of this entry steps up to the plate to form a trio for the weekend.

007-Legends-600x300International Man of Mystery – Bertie ‘Bond’ Austin offers to join us to assist for the weekend. After a couple of minutes training and only a gentle warning for speeding, Bertie was quickly in the zone and operating the layout like he has done it for years.  Bertie, thanks for your help over the weekend, it was really appreciated.


Lager boys 1 – 0 Beer Bellies

beer belly

On Saturday night, we enjoyed an enjoyable evening with the Shawplan chaps, the highlight of the evening seeing grown men cry because they had to drink the amber nectar rather than that natural stuff that makes you fart.    You would have thought they were made to drink bleach – poor boys!!!.

New stock for this show included 4 new locos to accompany some of the new train formations that we debuted at our previous shows.

271013 002

Class 31 417 Severn Valley Railway complements our new short ballast train – subtly weathered



271013 004Class 47 373 in triple grey to run on our Norsk Hydro train


271013 005Class 47 971 in large logo livery combines with our inspection saloon






271013 008

Class 47 541 & 461 in versions of Scot Rail liveries to provide motive power for a range of trains.





The Spalding show was the last exhibition for the layout for 2013. We are looking forward to our next show in March 2014, but in the meantime we have a chance to work on new projects and stock.

Thanks for reading,


Dave, Alex & Paul.