Mr Enthusiatic and Friends

On the weekend of the 16th & 17th August Farkham attended the Scarborough and District Railway Modellers annual exhibition in Pickering. For this show we were joined by Glenn (Aberdeen Kirkhill fame ) who kindly assisted us for the weekend. The show whilst relatively small by most show standards was really well attended by visitors and the club members were all really friendly and helpful and we had a great time so thanks to all involved.

We were lucky enough this weekend to be put up in a really nice B&B. The accommodation was great and the B&B owner was possibly the most enthusiastic person we have ever met – a definite contender for the TV series ‘4 in a bed’ (which is not some smutty programme on late at night but is some dross that’s on a round 5pm  on channel 4 or 5). The man could not stop smiling and nodding – if happiness is the key to a long life he will life to 200years.

Once again, whilst we have been working hard to get stock ready for future shows, nothing quite managed to be finished for this event leaving the blog site a little devoid of new pictures. Sorry.

In other news, The latest Farkham Article is about to hit the presses, following the recent success of the OHML train article, Rail Express are now due to publish this month an Article about the layout and the stock in general. Hopefully this will be an interesting read as it focusses more on the trains than the layout.  Enjoy

Also Worthy of note is that Farkham has now been confirmed as one the Layouts to appear at DEMU Showcase 2015 and features on one of their advertising banners see below.Banner4_2015_500x62  We are really looking forward to this and the forthcoming shows where we will have some new stock that’s a bit different form the norm.

cheers for reading