Alex’ Salmon(d) – its a YES from me!

No this is not a reference to the recent north of the border skirmish with our Scottish friends (you know who you are!!), this post relates to the arrival of 2 more wagons completed by one of our team – most uncharacteristic I hear you cry!. (the rest of the crew are putting it down to either a change of clothes or performance enhancing drugs!)

The basis for this blog entry stems from our recent visit with the layout to the Alsager groups show held in Crewe on the weekend of the 15/16 November. Aided by Slasher / Flood and Ramrig of RMnob fame, we had a great time at this show and caught up with Mr Tailby and Mr Farmer (one of which is a renowned modeller and the other is just renowned!).

Arriving new on the layout for this event was a revised engineers train which included 2 new salmon wagons (Alexs – hence the title) and a sturgeon. See pics below. this is only the first of a couple of revisions to this train formation with a couple of new models to be added in time for our next outing in Stafford at the end of January.

IMG_1508 IMG_1511 IMG_1513

Also new to the layout were a rake of CBA lime wagons which are a conversion from Hornby MGRs. Complete with 3d printed tops and stainless steel etched walkways they have provided a bit of an alternative traffic flow for the layout, although they have created a headache for where they fit in the running sequence. Unfortunately the pictures of these were even worse than the usual standard photo, but we hope to have some better ones to post soon.

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, the Farkham boys are now gearing up for a festive season that will hopefully see significant progress on some longer term stock projects (ready for Stafford and Demu 2015) and even longer term layout projects (certain ones may be measured in astronomical units due to time spans! –  don’t mention the dining room floor to Donna)

Thanks for Reading