Post Election Update!!!

We have been remiss in updating our blog since our enjoyable weekend at Stafford show way back in February so this account cover this show and the fantastic weekend at the DEMU Showcase event that we were very grateful to have been invited to.

The showcase event can only be described as the UKs premier model image piss taking event and this year was no exception with the Farkham boys getting the first salvos in before the layout was even set up. Mike ‘Donut Hog’ Hale was the lucky recipient of this first volley of mockery as he stylishly effected a Homer Simpson style pose and tucked into ‘several’ jam donuts. homer

As exhibition manager along with Guy M, they did a fantastic job of organising the show and our thanks go to them both for the effort they put in to make the show such a great success – Thanks Chaps!

Setting up the layout was the usual machine like process – although this time there was a significant interlude whilst we spent (what felt like about 4 days) quite some time levelling the layout after our previous set up at Stafford show. Those that have exhibited there themselves will know that it feels like you are setting up on a ploughed field. The layout was so high at one end that one operator who will remain nameless (but brings a wardrobe to exhibitions) had to change into his favourite layout-operating high heeled shoes.

Mr Hales Revenge

It would appear that certain discussions on forums had been taking place about layout colours recently and our exhibitor information pack duly arrived from the exhibition team with UKIP stamped on the front of the pack. A reference to our purple (not Mauve – Mr Tailby) attire, rather than any specific political views i suspect. Receipt of this was then followed by a visit from modelling Royalty in the form of ‘George and Mildred’ (also known as DEMU Mr Chairman (sir) and Sir John – grovel, grovel for future layout invites to showcase) who were also keen to make comment (and not for the first time) upon our corporate livery. Also not to be outdone were the Define guys who also kindly threw in their own level of abuse at our dress code.

If anyone does want to buy some worn purple t-shirts- please email We are keeping ours, we love them!!

guess whoAll this joviality and mickey taking is what makes exhibiting the layout all the more enjoyable and it was great to be able to socialise with everyone on the saturday night barbeque which was great fun. Some bloke with a beard described the evening as a who’s who of D&E modelling (and Mike Whitchurch was in attendance too!)

Our final thought on clothing though must go to Mr Tailby for Saturday nights attire – all we can say is POT – KETTLE – BLACK!

In between all of this nonsense, we were also operating the layout. Once again the layout seemed to run pretty well and we were grateful for the comments that we received from visitors and exhibitors alike.

Debuting at this show (and perhaps at Stafford) were a few new items of stock that we added to the collection.

The Engineers Train – This has been revamped and now includes salmon, sturgeons and a Plasser & Theurer twin jib crane. This crane is a ‘Makeyourmark’ models kit cast in resin and is an excellent addition to the layout. The quality of the casting is fantastic with really crisp mould lines.


Also in the train, albeit temporarily until more stock is complete is the ‘Makeyourmark’ models GP crane kit which is to a similar high quality as the twin jib. We are really pleased with how they have turned out.


The other feature train to run occasionally on the layout this weekend is the rake of CBA lime hoppers. This is a (shortened) model of the Tunstead to Margam style service which conveyed lime for steel production to the south wales steel works. The models are Hornby MGRs with a 3D printed lid adorned with stainless steel etched walkways and brackets. The wagons were weathered using talcum powder and heavy airbrush weathering to give the desired clagged up effect.


Finally, we introduced our new PBA Cerestar wagon into the yard stock. This is a one piece 3D printed model with etched walkways and ladders added to the tops. Painted in the Cerestar livery, it is only lightly weathered to reflect the fact that in 1990 this livery was relatively new.



With several people over the weekend asking us whether we are planning new layouts and with only a few shows left on the booking sheet for the remainder of the year and next year, our thoughts are now turning toward the future. As each of us has individual projects on the go at the moment (some more theoretical than others), we need to get our heads together and decide what the future will hold for Farkham.

Watch this space!

Thanks for reading.