The Nottinghamshire Hoarde


Way back in march, we were lucky enough to be invited to the 2016 Nottingham Show, now back in the Harvey Haddon Sports centre. Whilst the hall itself didn’t appear to have changed much, the rest of the amenities had and the Farkham team had a great weekend, bolstered by some substitute operators to support the crew. These included Steve G, Disgusting of Market Harborough, Bertie and one David George Sebastian Roome Esq.

The show felt like going full circle with the layout in that as Farkham gracefully drifts slowly towards the great layout skip of retirement, the Nottingham show was one of the first ‘away’ shows we attended back in 2005. That show was particularly memorable because one of the operators managed to knock every train in the fiddle yard onto its side just as the show opened  – what a start!. It is interesting to look back at the stock list then compared to now and see how much has changed – Lima class 47s, rakes of MGRs, Intermodal container flats, Tilcon hoppers & a rake of TEAs and PCAs. Not much of those trains left now.

The 2016 show was memorable for two facts, one more amazing than the other.

Fact 1:   summed up by the quote ‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king’.

At this show, Alex was aware that there were several modelling competitions being held and he was determined to enter something for as many of the categories as possible and so with pen in hand, he set about scribbling all over the entry forms. With an fist full of paper in hand, Alex purposefully marched off to deposit the entries for the competitions – it wasn’t for the first time that day had he been seen marching purposefully away with sheets of paper in hand! – all we can say is that the rest of us thought it was a nice curry on Friday night.

Having now forgotten all about said competitions, we were surprised to find the competition officer from the show appear behind the layout with a stash of silver plates, statues and hub-caps (The Nottinghamshire Hoarde) which turned out to be trophies as winners for some of the competitions. We were obviously very grateful – (we still didn’t find out what won what trophy though).  We do have a feeling though that we might be the only ones who entered – hence the quote. We cant wait till Nottingham show next year though so that we can take them all back.

notts hoarde

Fact 2: The amazing one – Someone finished some more models!!!

These are the latest models to join the Farkham stock lists. They run in the dedicated engineers train that occasionally traverses the layout and the complement the GP crane and Twin Jib crane well.

Now we are looking forward to our next show where we will be attending Eurospoor 2016 in Utrecht – we are really looking forward to this, We better start brushing up on our speaking loud and slowly so that people will understand – although some will say that this is no different to speaking to Dr Dirt on a normal day!

Tot ziens.