Smashing Time at EuroSnoor!

At the end of October, we took Farkham to the Eurospoor exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands. This is the 3rd time the layout has been into mainland Europe but the first time we have exhibited at Eurospoor.

For this road trip, we were lucky enough to be accompanied by Modern Image modelling royalty in the form of Mr Shawplan himself, (NO! not Graham) the other guy (NO! not the one who moved to spain either),  you know, the normal one with the goatie beard – that’s the fella – Brian….Brian Hanson.


Oops sorry wrong picture


this is the slimline version  – of the stand!

So the three of us spent the week showing our train set off to the dutch, german and French visitors who came to the show. The show itself was not quite what we were expecting it to be in that the trade stands were mainly just ‘s**tin a tray merchants’ with very few speciality traders which was disappointing. The show itself also did not seem as busy as we were expecting, but despite this, we had a good time and a few laughs along the way.

During the show, we had the layout photographed for a dutch specialist magazine (railway related – calm yourselves!) and we also featured on a youtube video taken by a german chap called Pilentum. The video lasts about 10 minutes and has been put together really well. if you want to see it click below or search (youtube/pilentum/british).

The show was also notable for the following :

  • A die hard beer fan (no names) was caught drinking Heineken LAGER!!
  • One of the lager boys was caught drinking IPA and other foreign beers!
  • Someone let a giant snoring Bear into the room each night which miraculously departed each morning just before one of the operators awoke!
  • very few beers and no curries ( a first for Farkham on tour!)
  • The hire van side window was smashed and someone broke in trying to steal the satnav that wasn’t in the glovebox fortunately – this meant that whilst we had planned to spend the night enjoying the sights and sounds of Utrecht city centre, we spent the evening waiting for autoglass to come and fit a bit of plastic and gaffer tape it in place all for an extortionate fee. If only we knew someone who could do Laserglaze!.Hopefully this could be a new line of business for Shawplan.

Despite this annoyance, it was a great weekend even if it was a bit windy in the van. Thank you Brian for your assistance it was much appreciated.

Now with only one more potential show to go (to be confirmed), unless we suddenly get a postbag full of invites from exhibiton managers, we are now concentrating on our own projects which are progressing at varying speeds. A couple of these can be seen as work in progress at the forthcoming DEFINE Show in January. Check the Definemodellers blogsite for more details.

Cheers for reading.