Where to next?

We are pleased to confirm that we will be attending the following exhibitions in the near future with Farkham.


If you are an organiser of a model railway exhibition and would like Farkham to attend your show, please contact us directly via the blog or other social media sites for further details as we are always interested in attending new shows. – YOU BETTER HURRY – NOT LONG LEFT TO SEE THE LAYOUT.


6 thoughts on “Where to next?

  1. could you please contact me with regard to you attending a charity railway exhibtion
    27th & 28th July 2013

    • Hi John

      thanks for your message. In respect of a charity exhibition, could you provide us with some details please.

      Where is it? opening times, set up times etc

      Farkham is not a small layout and therefore to move it requires the hiring of large transit van and the location of the exhibition impacts upon fuel and (if required due to distance) accomodation for the operators overnight.

      With regard to the dates, I will need to check with my colleagues before confirming.

      If you can let me know some of the info above, I look forward to receiving any details you can provide.



  2. Hi, Would you be able to contact me as regards availability in attending an exhibition August 1st / 2nd 2015, please.

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